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Lombok, Indonesian Travel Guide

Lombok Island lies between the islands of Sumbawa and Bali in the vast Indonesian archipelago. It is easy to get to Lombok thanks to the new international airport as well as faster air and sea connections from Bali. With a population of about 3 million, Lombok blends the local culture with Islamic and Hindu traditions. Lombok offers a less developed, quieter vacation alternative to the brasher Bali. Here are some must see attractions in Lombok, Indonesia.

Pura Meru

Maratam is the capital of Lombok and home to the largest Hindu temple on the island – Pura Meru. Bathe in the scent of Jasmine at the nearby Majura Water Palace or spend some quiet time amid the rise of mangosteen trees. Pura Meru is a floating pavilion and royal court that was built by the Balinese, Lombok’s former rulers.

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is along the scenic west coast and north from Maratam. It is a laid back resort town that is the perfect base to explore the rest of this island.

Bath Bolong Temple

Pay your respects at this Hindu temple before enjoying a dip at the beach with the locals. As the sun drops into the sea at sunset, everything stops at Senggigi.

Pusuk Park Pass

Pusuk Park Pass is a mountainous reserve filled with monkeys. Tanjung town is a few miles from here. The market will get you a real window into the lives of the locals.

Gili Islands

Gili Island is one of the biggest attractions in Lombok. There are 3 islands here and they are accessible from Bali by a fast boat. Be prepared to step back in time once you jump the shore. The only way to get around here is pony cart, bicycle, and on foot. Head to Gili Meno and Gili Air to experience most basics of simple living. These islands offer seclusion, simplicity, and miles of sand. The largest of the islands is Gili Trawangan and a 30 minutes boat ride from Lombok will get you here.

Gili Islands offers a wide variety of restaurants, accommodation, and activities. Do some shopping, pull on a dive mask, or get to know the locals. Regardless of the Gili Islands you choose to go to, your body clock is guaranteed to reboot to island time while also putting you back in touch with nature’s rhythms.

Lombok is Bali’s little sister and a quick reminder it is sometimes not the best to grow too soon or too fast.

What You Should Never Do in Japan

When it comes to Japan, it is safe to say that it is one of the most interesting, as well as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Japan is filled with different tourist places and historic buildings. Because of that, it is safe to say that in Japan, there is something for everybody. Although Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is also filled with customs and traditions that some people may find to be pretty weird or even scary.

Of course, if you are visiting Japan for the very first time, you are not expected to know all the rules and traditions, but you should definitely know the basics. With this in mind, getting yourself familiarized with some basic rules and traditions will help you go a long way in Japan. People of Japan have a tendency to group all foreigners under one tree. What does this mean? This means that if you do something that you were not supposed to do, the others will most likely face some sort of backlash. This, however, doesn’t mean that Japanese people are hostile. They are actually very nice – they just want to protect their culture and tradition. And now, here are some things that you should never do in Japan!

Don’t Wear Your Shoes Indoors
People of Japan pride themselves on cleanliness. That being said, if you ever happen to visit a Japanese school, apartment, or home, make sure to take off your shoes before going inside. Don’t worry, Japanese people are usually kind enough to let you wear a pair of indoor slippers, which means that you will not have to walk barefoot.

Don’t Play With Your Chopsticks
This is one of the most important things that you need to remember about Japan. Make sure to never play with your chopsticks. Chopsticks play a very important role in Japan’s tradition, and because of that, you should treat them with utmost respect.

Don’t Walk and Eat At the Same Time
Although it is most likely okay to walk and eat at the same time in your country, the same thing cannot be said about Japan. Walking and eating at the same time is considered to be a rude thing in Japan, which is why you should never do it. And there you have it! These are the top three things that you should never do in Japan.

Top-Rated Reasons to Visit Arizona

Arizona is known for many things like the deserts, natural beauty, and the canyons. These things make Arizona be the reason why it is mostly visited by people from all over the world.

The range of natural wonders to the Grand Canyon state can make your vacation the most memorable experience ever in your lifetime.

There are so many things to discover about Arizona and you ought to be there during one of this fine days. There are several cheap flights to the area and you have to book it now if you are intending to visit.

Visit Arizona

Here are some of the reasons why you should have a taste of visiting Arizona during this vacation. The reasons include:


The city is located within the Sonoran Desert and you can have the best view of the desert during the vacation. The lifestyle of the buildings and the arrangement of the city is quite amazing since it is vibrant.

You can wander in the desert and enjoy the hiking activities well. In case your muscles become tired then don’t hesitate to visit the streets of the city since there are several spas where you can relax your muscles.

The city is backed by plenty of restaurants, shops, and museums which can make your vacation schedule busier throughout. It is one of the ways on how to maximize your vacation period.

Nature and Wildlife

The flora and fauna of Arizona are quite beautiful. The varieties of these nature make the desert to be stunning and boast its beauty throughout the year.

The desert is the home of the cacti and green forest. So many people are wondering how a forest can be made from a desert. Well, try to visit Arizona and see it for yourself.

The state is also the home of wildlife and you can explore several animals. Some of the common places you can’t afford to miss visiting are Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Desert Botanical Garden.


Do you want to have a taste of what life is in the southern part of Arizona? Well, the tombstone makes it be authentic since it has been here for over some centuries.

Most popular faces like Ike Clanton, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp in stored well in these tombstones. The museums, train rides, and shooting galleries make the life tastier after landing here for a vacation.

The Food

The state is also known for having culinary culture and for this reason you can’t miss any sort of food after coming from adventure and hiking activities. These activities usually drain your energy at the end.

The taste of the meals and drinks are quite amazing. The ancient inhabitants of the state have several flavors of drinks and foods that will make your day awesome after storming into one of the cuisines.

The Grand Canyon

Stepping in Arizona and avoid landing on the Grand Canyon means your vacation has failed. The Grand Canyon is the best site to be while in Arizona.

The tour to the top may trigger you to take countless photos since it has several amazing sceneries for photo taking.

Devil’s Bridge

This is one of the natural wonders in Arizona. It is the best place for hiking because of the amazing views. The round trip to the devil’s bridge may result in a long-lasting memorable experience.

You will also have an opportunity to explore the Sedona Desert before reaching to the devil’s bridge and another chance of checking out on Sandstone Bridge.

The Weather

Deserts are known to be hot and dry but Arizona State is quite unique. The weather here is quite favorable since there are some places you will find the weather to be warm during a certain time in the year.

Why Are Some People Afraid of Traveling

Have you ever watched an episode on Travel Channel and said how great it would be to visit a certain place? Chances are that you have, but have you actually done anything about it? You probably haven’t. Let’s say that you put your fist down and actually decide to do something about it. You go online and start browsing for some good travel deals and destination, hoping to find the right place where you could spend the weekend with your friends and family. And after some time of searching, your energy simply fades away, and you start thinking about all kinds of bad scenarios which you and your loved ones could go through should you decide to visit a certain place.

Because of that, you ditch your travel plans completely, and return to your same old life in the same old place that you have been living in since the day you were born. You feel dissatisfaction, doubt, and disbelief. Keep in mind that this is not your fault. The reason why you feel dissatisfaction, doubt, and disbelief is because you are afraid of traveling. Every now and then, you fall into a state of depression because you never go anywhere. You just want to see the world, but for some reason you can’t, and even you don’t know why. The following are some of the reasons why some people are afraid of traveling!

Getting Out of the Comfort Zone
You keep thinking about how great it would be to visit a certain place, but something just won’t let you do it. Is it your job, or is it your kids? Are you afraid of what might happen to your home while you’re away? If this is the reason why you never travel, then it is safe to say that you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone.

A Foreign Language
A language barrier is among the most common reasons why some people are afraid of visiting certain countries. Not being understood in a foreign country sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? The solution to this problem is actually pretty simple! Before you go to a foreign country, try to learn as many words and phrases in their native language as you can.

Fear of the Unknown
Fear of the unknown is yet another reason why some people are afraid of traveling. That being said, if you ever decide to visit a certain place, make sure to do your research before actually going there. A good preparation will make you hyped about visiting a certain place, which means that you shouldn’t be afraid anymore.

Traveling Is Good For Your Mental Health

By now, you have probably read at least a few dozen pieces talking about how much people love to travel these days. And even though some people usually talk about how restless and financially reckless this generation is when it comes to pursuing their dreams, it doesn’t mean that they are telling the truth.

In fact, there is a big amount of evidence that shows that in addition to being good for your physical well-being, traveling is also good for your mental health. With this in mind, if you are planning on going on a road trip in a couple of days, do your best to stick to your plan!

Get Rid of Stress
One of the most important things that you need to know about traveling is that it is a great combatant against stress. The reason why traveling is such a great combatant against stress is because it allows you to escape from stressful environments and situations, even if it is just for a few days. This is why the owners of Performance Chiropractic + Sports Rehab love to get away from the busy schedule for a couple days as regularly as possible. This gives you enough time to not just rest and relax, but to gain some perspective and re-focus yourself as well. So, if you work with people who are always filled with negative energy, or if you are losing your mind about something that has been going on in your private life for quite some time, a little road trip might be all you need to refill your batteries.

Traveling Can Make You More Creative
By changing the way your neural pathways connect with one another, traveling changes the way your mental health works. This usually results in new thoughts, feelings, and ideas, which is always a good thing. Because of that, you become a much more creative person.

It Makes You Feel Happy
Traveling has the ability to make you feel happy. What else do you need? Although seeing new places and meeting new people is always a fun experience, it just cannot be compared to the feeling of happiness. That being said, if you are feeling sad because of something that happened you a few days ago, you should go on a road trip as soon as possible. It will make you feel happy once again.

Travel and its Benefits

There is a huge growth in the number of people traveling around the world for sightseeing and other purposes. People are traveling more now than ever before. Besides getting a new air to breathe and a new place to see, there are several benefits of traveling. Here are the major benefits of traveling.

Stress Relief

The most important benefit is stress relief. Almost every person travels to reduce the stress in his life.

People want to get away from their hectic work routines and want to enjoy life without any pressure of work or anything. Travel is the best way in which you can stay stress-free all the time. It gives you mental peace which you need to soothe your nerves.  When you travel, there is no sense of urgency while you travel. The natural environment around you not only soothes your senses but all your body parts. Travel gives you a lot of stress relief as there is nothing to worry.

Physical Benefits

When you travel, you tend to move more. You may not notice, but you will walk more, talk more and be more energetic.

When you travel you may visit a museum, you may roam around a historic city. You may walk the entire day, and you may not know until the day ends. It is why traveling has many health benefits. Travel makes you stress-free and physically more active. You may reduce your cholesterol levels when you travel.

Cultural Benefits

You get to know the new ways of life. Traveling is a means not only to have fun but also to learn. When you travel around you will learn a lot about other cultures and their stereotypes. It is an amazing experience that you have. You may read books and watch online documentaries about a particular region of the world, but when you travel there and experience the life there, it is how you learn. You will see and experience a different culture with your one eye; it is better than reading a book or watching the documentary.

Relationship Benefits

When you travel with a group of friends or family members, it helps you bond and stays together. You share the same experiences which give your relationship a new life. You will also meet new people and make new friends when you travel to a new place. You can expand your social circle when you travel. You will feel happy when you travel with a group of people.